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Microsoft and FormDesigner

in practice
Multi-channel Distribution
Microsoft and FormDesigner
Economic and sustainable
FormDesigner in short
Simple conversion to Microsoft
Specific FormDesigner options
Microsoft Word
·   Fields can be blocked to requirement (no longer alterable).
·   Independence in respect of the various Microsoft Office versions (2000, 2003, 2008, etc.) thanks to RTF format.
 Microsoft Excel
·    Fonts, colors and background colours of the original report are automatically carried over.
·    Intelligent recognition of field types, such as dates, numbers and texts. 
·    Simple and unambiguous linking of report fields to columns.
Metadata (column headers) come directly and dynamically from ERP. Columns are automatically filled in per document, with, for example, invoice date, customer number and postcode.
·   Microsoft Outlook mail can be uploaded as a message file to Microsoft SharePoint.

 Outlook & Lotus Notes
·   Automatic link and print of user’s signature.
·   Thanks to the unicode basis, text, Chinese for example, is carried over in the body text in UTF8 format. 
·   Among other things, dynamic body texts ensure that the name of the contact person is directly transferred from ERP.
·   Mapi mail client: Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.
·   Unique possibility to make mail bundles (merge documents in one e-mail

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