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HiDOX online demo 2016
In HiDOX hands-on webinar, you will easily get an overview of HiDOX FormDesigner.
If you are interested in our webinar, please register and send a mail to with date and time. We will contact you shortly.

The webinar runs for about 1 hour.


Time (Amsterdam time)



8th Sept. 2016 09:00 AM HiDOX V3.3.7x mit ZUGFeRD Format
für elektronische Rechnungen mit XML
5th October 2016 01:00 PM Start external applications based on extension type f.i. Graphical Designer, Outlook, Lotus Notes. English
13th October 2016 03:30 PM Waarom kiezen voor  HiDOX FormDesigner? Dutch
8th November 2016 09:30  AM   wie man komplexe Reportanforderungen umsetzen kann German
17th November 2016 03:30 PM Open documents based on file type (Word, PDF and Excel) via Tomcat App formdesigner\opendoc English
6th December 2016 09:30 AM Hoe maak je een complex report met HiDOX FormDesigner? Dutch
17th January 2017 02:30 PM Wie man das Output-Management aus ERP vereinfacht und die Produktivität steigert! German
19th January 2017 09:30 AM Electronic invoices via ZUGFeRD interface (PDF/A with integrated XML for automatic processing) English
16th February 2017 09:30 AM Output in PDF/A Format German
21th February 2017 02:00 PM Overzicht van de nieuwste features HiDOX FormDesigner Dutch
2 March 2017 03:00 PM Warum HiDOX FormDesigner? German
16th March 2017 02:00 PM Editable Acrofields in PDF (Textfields, Enumerates, Memos) English
30th March 2017 10:30 AM Reibungsloze Umsetzung Ihre Reports; wie und wie schnell? German
6th April 2017 09:30 AM Follew-Me printing concept (pull printing i.p.v. push printing) Dutch
18th April 2017 09:30 AM HTML-Unterschrift für Batch Mailing German
9th May 2017 03:30 PM Implementation of ‘Follow-Me` printing concept. (Pull printing rather then push printing) English
11th May 2017 09:30 AM Follow-Me Printerkonzept (Pull printing statt Push printing German
23th May 2017 09:30 AM Waarom kiezen voor  HiDOX FormDesigner? Dutch
30th May 2017 03:30 PM Editierbare AcroFields in PDF German
13th June 2017 04:00 PM Full HTML signature for batch mailing English
20th June 2017 09:00 AM Öffnen von Dokumente basiert auf Dateitypen (Word, PDF, Excel) über Tomcat App formdesigner\opendoc German

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